Loud Budgeting - The marketing catch phrase that applies to home-buying

Author: Kristi Sauter | | Categories: mortgage for first time home buyer , mortgage for home improvement , residential mortgage

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First let’s talk about what “loud budgeting” is. This is the new-to-the-internet catch phrase you might have heard to counter “quiet luxury” meaning, it’s not about having enough money, it’s more about not wanting to spend. Having a frugal, or fiscally responsible attitude is a proven way to empower you to save money.

Let’s get LOUD with your budget

Talking about money can feel uncomfortable, or more-so talking about wanting to save money can. Well, it shouldn’t be. Being confident about your financial situation is the first step to ensuring you are accomplishing your financial goals. Becoming aware of your personal situation, and being really, really comfortable with it should never be a fad, but more of a given.

Flexing about how much you spent is so 2023

There’s no shame here, being proud of something you worked hard to purchase is great. We all like nice things. However, in the spirit of loud budgeting, there’s a difference between celebrating success and presenting a lifestyle that might not be totally honest or accurate. Let’s work on changing the narrative, so instead of look at what I got! let’s make it more about this is what I can afford.


Being unapologetic about not wanting to spend money is the new mantra for saving. Leaving your house shouldn’t always have to cost money, especially with the cost of living only becoming more increasingly difficult for many people. There are ways to go about it, that don’t have to feel restrictive. Swapping restaurant meals for at home dinner parties, using all of what you have before buying new, coffee shop dates or walks in the park are ways to easily make this mindset a lifestyle.

Making financial goals and rewriting the narrative surrounding money is the most progressive way to turn LOUD BUDGETING from being a tagline or a concept into a cultural shift so more people feel comfortable sharing their financial positions or goals.