Kristi Sauter, a mortgage broker in Medicine Hat, AB at Trilogy Mortgage Corporation is known to provide specialist advice on all aspects of mortgage to her clients. Check out her clients’ testimonials.

Kristi Sauter is an excellent Mortgage Broker! I have been exceedingly happy with the quality of service I have personally received, and that she offers to my clients which I have happily referred to her; knowing they are going to competitive rates, all topped off with awesome service. If you're purchasing new, building or considering a refinance you can't go wrong if you choose Kristi to go to work for you.

- Elizabeth

Kristi has given me impeccable mortgage advice and saved me a great deal of money over the years. I guarantee no one will work harder to secure you a great deal. I can unreservedly recommend her mortgage service. I trust my families finances to her - and you should too.

- Kyle

Kristi was so helpful with the purchase of our home, she was readily available to answer all our questions no matter the time of day or night! She was extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

- Maryanne

Kristi went to unbelievable lengths to ensure I got the mortgage I needed to purchase my home! I wouldn't have gotten my home without her!

- Nikki

Kristi is AMAZING.
Our first experience with trying to get a mortgage was through our own bank, which to say the least was an absolute nightmare. We were approved and told to start looking at homes, only to find out 2 weeks later we weren't approved because my husband, even though working over full time hours, was only a casual employee. We had banked with them for over 15 years and they still wouldn't give us a mortgage.
Frustrated with the situation and not knowing what to do next, a friend recommended that we speak with Kristi. Kristi made what seemed like an impossible situation, possible and with NO HASSEL at all. She was able to get us a mortgage and at an awesome rate. She was also very organized and willing to explain the whole process in terms we would be comfortable with and understand.
From our experience and friends experiences I would recommend Kristi 100%. Thank you Kristi from the bottom of our hearts. Our family now has a beautiful home because of you!

- Page Family