Kristi Sauter at Trilogy Mortgage Corporation - Mortgage Broker in Medicine Hat, AB

As a mortgage broker at Trilogy Mortgage Corporation, I, Kristi Sauter am confident about the services I provide and will not shy away from giving you references.

As an experienced broker, I have spent many years developing relationships with realtors, lawyers, accountants, and numerous lenders to assist my clients better. I am committed to helping my clients achieve their homeownership dreams and also pay off their mortgages completely. As an expert in financial planning and solutions, I’d love to help you obtain the best financial options for your needs!

Why You Should Choose Kristi Sauter at Trilogy Mortgage Corporation!

I am experienced
With over twenty years of experience, I have the ability and confidence to assist any new or existing borrowers with their mortgage needs.

I help clients save money
When clients go to a traditional financial institution, they are only allowed access to their rates at that time.

I understand clients’ needs and meet them
I ensure that every client receives the best possible financial advice and that their mortgage needs are heard and met.

I help close purchase deals quickly
As a leading mortgage broker, I have the right knowledge and connections to help my clients close their property deals quickly with the right financial plans.

I help self-employed clients get approval at lower rates
It is typically harder for self-employed individuals to get a mortgage, as it is challenging for them to prove their personal income.

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Kristi Sauter is a professional mortgage broker in Medicine Hat, AB at Trilogy Mortgage Corporation. Contact her to find the best mortgage deal for you!

Kristi Sauter, Mortgage Broker at Trilogy Mortgage Corporation provides Mortgage Services across Southeastern Alberta.